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The Tenth Workshop of the Association for Computational
Linguistics' Special Interest Group in Morphology and Phonology

Ohio State University

June 19, 2008

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The purpose of the SIGMORPHON workshop is to bring together researchers interested in applying computational techniques to problems in morphology, phonology, and phonetics. See the Call for Papers for more detail and submission guidelines. The workshop is held as part of the ACL's annual conference, this year at Ohio State University.This is SIGMORPHON's first workshop whose scope reflects the SIG's new charter, which has expanded with ACL's approval to include morphology and phonetics as well as phonology.


8:50–9:00Opening remarks
9:00–10:00Invited talk: Phonological Models in Automatic Speech Recognition
Karen Livescu
10:00–10:30Bayesian Learning over Conflicting Data: Predictions for Language Change
Rebecca Morley
11:00–11:30A Bayesian Model of Natural Language Phonology: Generating Alternations from Underlying Forms
David Ellis
11:30–12:00Unsupervised Word Segmentation for Sesotho Using Adaptor Grammars
Mark Johnson
14:00–15:00Invited talk: Counting Rankings
Jason Riggle
15:00–15:30Three Correlates of the Typological Frequency of Quantity-Insensitive Stress Systems
Max Bane and Jason Riggle
16:00–16:30Phonotactic Probability and the Maori Passive: A Computational Approach
‘Ōiwi Parker Jones
16:30–17:00Evaluating an Agglutinative Segmentation Model for ParaMor
Christian Monson, Alon Lavie, Jaime Carbonell and Lori Levin
17:00–17:30General discussion



Instructions for Authors

Useful Links


Important Dates

Submission Deadline March 17, 2008 23:59 EDT
Submission Deadline (extended) MONDAY March 24, 2008, 20:00 EDT
Notification of Acceptances April 16, 2008
Camera-ready copy from authors April 30, 2008
Early registration deadlineMay 17, 2008
Workshop Meeting June 19, 2008


Program Committee

Adam Albright, MIT
Lynne Cahill, University of Brighton
Mathias Creutz, Helsinki University of Technology
Jason Eisner, Johns Hopkins University (co-chair)
Mark Ellison, University of Western Australia
Eric Fosler-Lussier, Ohio State University
John Goldsmith, University of Chicago
Sharon Goldwater, Stanford University
Nizar Habash, Columbia University
Jeffrey Heinz, University of Delaware (co-chair)
Katrin Kirchhoff, University of Washington
Greg Kondrak, University of Alberta
Kimmo Koskenniemi, University of Helskinki
Ying Lin, University of Arizona
Mike Maxwell, University of Maryland
John Nerbonne, University of Groningen
Kemal Oflazer, Sabanci University
Gerald Penn, University of Toronto
Jason Riggle, University of Chicago
Richard Sproat, University of Illinois
Richard Wicentowski, Swarthmore University
Shuly Wintner, University of Haifa


Organizers and Contact

There are two main organizers: Jason Eisner and Jeffrey Heinz.

We prefer contact by email:

If you need to contact the organizers by phone, mail or fax, please contact Heinz:

Jeffrey Heinz
Linguistics and Cognitive Science
42 E. Delaware Ave
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

302-831-2924 (phone)
302-831-6896 (fax)


Past Workshops

SIGMORPHON has met nine times since 1994 (prior to 2007 under the name SIGPHON). Recent workshops include SIGMORPHON 2007 and SIGPHON 2006.

Proceedings of all the past workshops can be found here.


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